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About Us


Our mission is simple: to create an infinite loop of kindness to purposefully improve the lives of children and students that will benefit from our programs and services. Qazi Family Foundation aims to distribute scholarships to young women whose dreams will become reality through hard work, perseverance, and a quality education. Additionally, the Foundation hopes to support endeavors both globally and in the United States that support their same mission.

The Foundation dreams of building camaraderie among its current and future beneficiaries. The main mission is to create a cycle of kindness where the previous generation will be here to assist the current generation of beneficiaries the foundation has. With this mission, we do not only promote charity but also the continuity of good deeds to humanity.


Our vision is to expand our programs outside the United States. Our Foundation believes that there are so many young people with big dreams, exceptional talents, ambitious strength, and amazing capabilities with limited resources and opportunities to nourish what they possess. Success shouldn’t only be limited to one country- it should be dispersed and become available and accessible to every young person the Qazi Family Foundation can reach.


Our foundation focuses on providing educational assistance to students with great potential. 

If you want to know more about the very first recipient of the Nadia Qazi Scholarship, click here.


Qazi Family Foundation was founded in 2021 by the Qazi Family, which consists of the following members: 

Dr. Masood Qazi

Ms. Yasmin Qazi

Ms. Farrah Qazi, Esq.

Dr. Nadir Qazi

Dr. Lubna Qazi

Ms. Noreen Qazi